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Welcome to Paid 2 Save Network

Impacting Lives

by allowing those who save an opportunity to earn.

The Paid 2 Save Network is about bringing savings to you. We accomplish this goal through travel savings (book vacations at a fraction of the price), entertainment savings (save on fun like theme parks, movie tickets, cruises), and day to day life savings (enjoy deals at your finger tips with our Paid 2 Save Mobile App).

Now is the time to spend less and earn income showing people how!

Travel Club Membership

Change the way you travel.

Real Savings
At an Unbeatable Price

Paid 2 Save offers DEEP discounts (like we just saved you hundreds of dollars on one trip, discounts) to their customers on Resorts, Hotels, Rental Cars, Cruises, Activities, Dining, Entertainment, and more all for $12.95 /mo.

Sound too Good to be True?
Try it For a Month, On Us.

Those who Partner with Paid 2 Save are able to give a FREE MONTH to their potential customers. This opportunity lets Paid 2 Save prove its value proposition.

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